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Thank You Bloggers! And Updates!..

Hello to all the wonderful bloggers who submit to Finding Vegan. I must say, the content you are submitting just keeps getting better and better and I am more thrilled than ever to check my FV inbox! But with the success of the site, there are more submissions than ever. So I am sorry if you have noticed delayed approval times!

But the good news is that I am HARD at work catching up on the current submissions AND improving the site to make the submission process run more smoothly for both you and me. I will update you here with news on this.

Trust me, this big update will be AWESOME (if all goes well) fingers crossed!!

I am SO EXCITED about the future of FindingVegan.com.

I want to bring you all even more traffic, increased visibility and a more efficient way to send in your beautiful blog posts. With us working together, we are sharing how delicious, fun and inspiring a plant-based, animal product free lifestyle can be!

THANK YOU. thanks you. THANK YOU for being a part of the FindingVegan.com community!!!

~ Kathy

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