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7 Common Photo Issues (for FV Submissions)

1. Too Dark. Light and bright photography works best. You can also use editing tools to lighten your images.

2. Too Much Going On. Simple photos can really make your food pop. Too many elements, shadows, and “stuff” can weigh your image down and distract from the food.

3. Not Enough Color. Bright bowls, colorful garnishes and ingredients can make your photos pop and stand out.

4. Too Close. Zoom out! Get the full scene and not just a close up of the food. Scene photos usually look best on FV.

5. White is your friend. White tones always work well on websites like FV. White backgrounds, white dishes and white settings can always help make the color and textures in your vibrant recipes POP! 

6. Fuzzy Images. Crisp, clear shots are best. Make sure your image doesn’t look blurry. Artistic blurred effects can work in food photos if your camera allows for those fancy settings.

7.  Boring Shot. Submit a shot that says “wow!” not one that says “meh.”

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