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HOORAY! The site has been transferred to wordpress from Tumblr. What does this mean for YOU?…

1 - You can now register as a user. Tip: Use your current gallery name as your new username if you want to keep your old gallery.

2 - You can monitor the status of your submission, view and save favorites and browse your gallery. You will also be notified when approved - via email.

3- Less crashing! The old site host crashed A LOT. Well not anymore :)

IMPORTANT: When submitting post remember to add tags that are relevant. (gluten-free, raw, am, oil-free, grain-free, sugar-free, holiday,dessert,entree,video and more) limit on tags, if they do not fit, I will delete one or a few.

***NEW CROPPING TOOL*** You can submit a photo that is ANY size! You will be able to crop in the tool.

If you placed a link to your gallery on your site here is your new gallery link - example for my gallery:
OLD: http://www.findingvegan.com/tagged/lunchboxbunch/
NEW: http://www.findingvegan.com/tagged/userlunchboxbunch/
..add the user before your username in the URL.

Questions? email kathy @ findingvegan dot com

PS… if you are missing any submissions in your gallery from past week please RESUBMIT them. I will re-approve them. I will personally be working to restore a few of the posts that were “lost” but not all will be possible.

xoxoxoxoxo, Kathy

So excited to be listed (#5) on the PPK 100 for 2012! Thanks Isa!! Check it out..

Thank You Bloggers! And Updates!..

Hello to all the wonderful bloggers who submit to Finding Vegan. I must say, the content you are submitting just keeps getting better and better and I am more thrilled than ever to check my FV inbox! But with the success of the site, there are more submissions than ever. So I am sorry if you have noticed delayed approval times!

But the good news is that I am HARD at work catching up on the current submissions AND improving the site to make the submission process run more smoothly for both you and me. I will update you here with news on this.

Trust me, this big update will be AWESOME (if all goes well) fingers crossed!!

I am SO EXCITED about the future of FindingVegan.com.

I want to bring you all even more traffic, increased visibility and a more efficient way to send in your beautiful blog posts. With us working together, we are sharing how delicious, fun and inspiring a plant-based, animal product free lifestyle can be!

THANK YOU. thanks you. THANK YOU for being a part of the FindingVegan.com community!!!

~ Kathy

Submission Tip!

Happy 2013 everyone! Here is a submission tip for all you talented bloggers: The number one reason submissions get rejected: not resizing your image before submitting. The proper size is 300px wide by 260px height. However, you can submit any ratio that is close to this sizing. Please do not submit any image smaller than 300px in width. Thanks and keep the beautiful vegan recipes coming!

Faster Submission Approval Times!

Dear FindingVegan.com bloggers - great news! Our submission queue is finally caught up! Expect faster approval times! From 1-3 days now. Hooray!

Bloggers, use these images as the new share buttons for your finding vegan gallery! More coming - if you need a specific size let me know kathy @ lunchboxbunch (dot) com

Thanks to everyone who voted! Our new logo will be rolling out on the site soon! And new gallery share buttons for bloggers too!

Logo Update!

Super excited that FindingVegan.com will be doing a bit of a logo upgrade soon - stay tuned!

post time update

There is A LOT in the Finding Vegan queue right now - so posts submitted today will go live in 6-7 days. Playing catch up and hopefully the post time will be much faster in about a week!! yay :)


Did you know that FV uses some cool tags to organize posts - like #glutenfree and #raw and #dessert. If your recipe is a tag that is not so obvious (dessert = obvious) (gluten free = not so obvious) just include a little note in your submission description text. I will properly tag it and delete your note(s) upon posting. More tags mean more pages for your post! gluten free tag = http://www.findingvegan.com/tagged/glutenfree

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